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the scanner

Scan for all beacons in range and discover what's nearby.

Find your needs at a glance and simply tap the link to the information you’re looking for.

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Notifications of our beacons are bigger than others so you can easily find the right information. Find here some examples.

Besides, if you find something interesting but you want to save it for later, just pin the tick icon and BA will store the link for you, even if that beacon is no longer in proximity.

configure your URL

Manage your BA beacons and configure your URLs in real time; if you are a restaurant owner, a street artist, a freelance or a teacher, if you want to sell your car, to promote your new product in your shop or at an exhibition, to organize a treasure hunt or to enhance the experience of your customers (whether they are tourists or visitors), BEACONATTITUDE is the right solution. It's simple and easy to use. Find here some examples.

Take advantage from your existing website by sharing useful contents to targeted audience; just take a picture or choose an attractive image, add an helpful title, a short description and your brand. Now people around you, can use these information to interact with you and discover your products or services.

beaconattitude beaconattitude
advanced features

DON'T HAVE A WEBSITE? OK, don't worry, just choose between our templates, fill with your needs and there you are! Now your products or services are talking to nearby people, you're fully connected with them.


Our solution is fully compliant with Google Eddystone protocol and physical web, so you can be easily found even from those who still don't have the APP.

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